Our services are offered with integrity and sincerity by a fully qualified therapist
It is your time to relax unwind and enjoy your visit. You will be guided by Rose to  chose the right therapy for you.
Supporting you on a journey of enlightenment and self-discovery with professional counselling, hypnotherapy, spiritual or shamanic healing, using the tools of tarot, crystal ball or the drum to enhance your journey.





A time to change and grow
Your journey starts here.......... It is a place to explore your inner truth, direction and vision. Explore your soul purpose in the safe hands of a caring professional therapist



The next part isn't always easy, you must look in and reflect, often facing emotions you haven't faced in a while. Letting go of the past and stepping into the now is the process of spiritual growth, Rose is there to support and guide you





With your emotions released you will often feel renewed and whole again with a calmness and joy beyond any words. Your life will belong to you , the choices you make will be from your heart and soul setting you free to live the life you love.

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