Impartial & confidential counselling

Are you struggling to cope with the one or more of life's many issues? Maybe you are feelings lost or hopeless and just don't know how to find your way? Rose Best is able to offer impartial counselling in a relaxing and non-judgemental manner. Expressing warmth and empathy to assist you with you journey, Rose is committed to helping you find a permanent solution to your problems.


Do you feel............

  • Have you have lost direction or purpose?
  • You are constantly worrying?
  • You can't stop thinking?
  • Your life is out of control?
  • Unable to let go of old thoughts and behaviours?
  • Emotionally overwhelmed?



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Or are you experiencing any of these problems.....

  • Loss of confidence or self esteem?
  • Relationship difficulties?
  • Lack of job satisfaction?
  • Stress / anxiety / low mood?
  • Health or weight problems?
  • Loss of direction in life?
  • Sleeplessness?
  • and more

Do you want freedom & peace of mind?

Transform those difficult situations into conscious choices. Let Rose help you take control of your life leading you to a healthier mind-set. Arrange a consultation with Rose today and discuss your ideal method of counselling or hypnotherapy


Any thing is possible
With the right sort of help and support you can achieve it
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