My aim is to help you live your life to it's full potential, with love, purpose and  meaning.

Rose has been helping people make changes in their life for over 25 years, she is a Psychic Reader and Shamanic Healer.

Rose was gifted and guided by spirit to help and heal other following a major life trauma. She began a spiritual journey which followed many paths gaining insights, meaning, knowledge and academic qualifications. She now uses the unique gifts she has been given, intuition, wisdom, insight, and sound knowledge to help people transform their lives.

Initially Rose explored and used healing therapies herself, to help her transcend difficult circumstances, her journey helped her gain a deep empathy and  understanding of others, who were also experiencing difficulties. Rose combines her core training in Aromatherapy and Reflexology with Psychic Mediumship, Person Centred Counselling, Hypnotherapy, Shamanic and Spiritual Healing,  to give  a unique healing experience. Rose may works withTarot Cards, Crystals, the sound of the drum to aid and enhance the healing process.

How you see your world shapes how you act, everyone has their own story to tell but sometimes the story gets stuck in  bad chapters. Healing the mind, leads to a healthy body and soul allowing you to take new right actions.

Rose is a Psychic Counsellor, a Therapist and Shamanic Healer, working intuitively  to heal the mind body and soul, helping you find your way and see the many new possibilities and new chapters you have yet to explore.

Is your life working for you, just as you would want it?
If the answer is yes, fantastic! For most of us we can get stuck, things just don't work out, this may lead to feeling depressed anxious, isolated, sad.......and so on
No one can solve you problems for you or tell you what to do but help is at hand.
My aim is to help you find your way, by offering professional, confidential support and guidance, so that you can see your way through and make the right choices for you.

My aim to empower you to “believe” in the power of YOU!

To find your path towards HEALTH, WEALTH and HAPPINESS better than you ever dreamed possible

Rose is qualified in the following:
BA Hons Humanities
Diploma ITEC Aromatherapy
AQA Counselling
GHSC Hypnotherapy
Contemporary Shamanism
Spiritual Healing

Rose will help you chose a therapy plan  which is unique for you, to personalise therapy  sessions to suit your needs. Rose will listen with empathy and understanding to your story and will guide and empower you, to help you make the right choices which will change your life.




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