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Earth Magic is an online retail store, you can  find us at Mind Body fairs and events, alternatively you can purchase our beautiful gifts at our studio in Keyworth by appointment. We retail beautiful sacred healing crystals and crystal jewellery in 925 sterling silver as well as unique hand painted Shaman drums and hand crafted gifts

We also provide a variety of holistic services. Rose is a psychic reader and shamanic healer, you can find her at Mind Body fairs and events or make an appointment to visit her at our Keyworth studio, where she provides a confidential fully qualified and insured service with over 25 years experience.

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 Psychic Readings

Rose uses her psychic gift  to help people  find clarity, meaning and insight into the most burning questions.  She will help you gain a new focus and perspective to make the right choices with greater confidence and awareness.

A Tarot Reading may help clarify and help resolve issues in any area of your life.Tarot is a way of working psychically to help give clarity and focus to any life issues you may wish to work through.Rose is guided by spirit, working with integrity from the heart.

Tarot readings are by law classified as for entertainment purposes only. Rose is fully insured and qualified with accreditations from recognized examining bodies, in all listed therapies..


Psychic Readings


Magical words are the way you  communicate with others, counselling is about helping you to listen to your instinct, your gut feelings or your subconscious and helping you communicate more effectively. Any thing is possible. If you can dream it, with the right sort of help and support, you can achieve it. Rose is qualified and experienced in traditional person–centred counselling. She uses her skills to listen with empathy, compassion and with acceptance to understand your story. She then helps you find your own answers to  find the right path for you and supports you every step of the way.


Blessings and curses are what you choose to believe to be true, if you have had a childhood for example where you could do nothing right and you were called stupid, clumsy etc., etc. you will most probably still be that way. Hypnotherapy or Trance allows your mind to safely go into an altered state of awareness where you can make changes at a deeper level so that new patterns of behaviour can be formed.

You are gently guided by Rose to access your subconscious mind and find new ways of changing your thoughts and behaviour patterns. It is like being in a dream state but you are aware and in control. The words Rose will speak reach your subconscious mind and allow you to make new life changes in your every day life, following your hypnosis session.



Spiritual or shamanic healing is a safe place for personal and spiritual growth and development. It is a place to explore your inner truth, direction and vision. Healing connects deeply with your inner soul to help find your direction and purpose in life, this leads to deep inner healing, spiritual development and much more.

Explore you soul purpose with the aid of spiritual or shamanic healing.



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We believe actions speak louder than words.

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